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Anonymous Crime Reporting Inc.

Anonymous Crime Reporting

Why Are Anonymous Crime Reporting Programs Essential To Capiophobia Sufferers?

Anonymous crime reporting programs are vital in opening a communication pathway between capiophobia sufferers and law enforcement. Anonymous crime reporting programs create a situation whereby a crime that is about to be committed, in progress, or has been done is being reported to law enforcement anonymously. The reporter’s identity is made anonymous and undisclosed to the public, or the reporter could also be anonymous in reporting the crime to law enforcement.

The mechanism allows for anonymity in reporting crimes and direct reporting of the crimes. How can this mechanism be helpful for capiophobia sufferers? It helps to alleviate their fear and portrays them as good citizens. It helps them support justice in society since their identity is protected and improves their trust in law enforcement.

Reporting Anonymous Crimes Often Leads To A More Honest Report From People Living With Capiophobia.

Capiophobia Sufferers Find Relief In Reporting Crimes Through Anonymous Crime Reporting Programs.

For instance, in a scenario in which a capiophobe or capiophobia sufferer made an anonymous report about a crime, and results in law enforcement taking the necessary steps to apprehend the culprit, the trust and confidence they have in law enforcement will improve greatly and reduce a large extent the fear the capiophobes once had of them.

Moreover, it makes it easier for them to relate to or communicate with policemen as they know their identity is anonymous. The policemen won’t know the reporter and thus create an honest report from the capiophobes. Anonymous crime reporting programs go a long way in treating capiophobia in society.

Learn more about our Capiophobia Awareness and Prevention Program or our Saved By The Kindness Bell Program here.

Report Crimes In Your School, Church, Workplace, Or Neighborhood Anonymously.

You can make a difference by reporting suspicious criminal activity to your local authority. Suppose you are afraid of the police or law enforcement and don’t want to report a crime directly to your local police authority. In that case, you can choose to report suspicious criminal activity safely by using any of our domestic or international privately owned anonymous crime reporting resources below. 


Reporting anonymous crimes often leads to a more honest report of the crime from people living with capiophobia because they are not interacting directly with law enforcement, the trigger of the phobia itself.

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