Anonymous Crime Reporting Inc.

Anonymous Crime Reporting Inc.

Victims Are Silenced by The Fear of The Police

The Fear Of The Police Creates Cities With Higher Crime Rates

Do you fear the police? Capiophobia sufferers are encouraged to report a crime anonymously without triggering unpleasant capiophobia symptoms. Anonymity protection is important to capiophobes. Anyone can report a crime below by scanning the QR code or by calling the WeTip Nationwide Hotline at 1-800-78-CRIME.

Anonymous Crime Reporting: Victims of Police Brutality
Anonymous Crime Reporting: Victims of Police Brutality

Tearless Fears; Living With Capiophobia.

Victims of rapehuman traffickingdrug trafficking, domestic violence, theft, and many other criminal acts have often hesitated too long before reporting their assailant. Assault or other traumatic encounters often go unreported. Usually, this is due to how an individual deals with trauma. Sometimes, victims bury their hurting emotions and carry on without indication of their hidden pain. 

Anonymity Protection Is Important For People Living With Capiophobia
Organized Crime Gains Momentum Amidst The Capiophobia Crisis

It isn’t uncommon for some victims to face repeated harassment or violent attacks from their perpetrators. In many instances, the fear of the police prevents victims from considering speaking with a safety officer. At first glance, victims may appear happy daily, masking their brave resilience in dealing with their abusers or attackers privately.


Immediately following the George Floyd incident, America witnessed rising animosity towards the police from the general public. Reaching the final tipping point, the outpour of our society’s suppressed pain became visibly loud. More frequent use of the terms; charge the cops, let my people go, black lives matter, and other civil rights slogans have flooded the media and become commonly expressed social topics.


Outcries of racial injustice and prejudiced treatment of civilians have been long overdue. Mending public oversight for the lack of compassion for capiophobes has yet to be achieved. Ignoring racial discrimination and racial injustice for much too long, the side effects are burdensome. The remaining sentiments of a broken relationship of trust in law enforcement are now the heavy emotional wounds that linger in the air.


Raising Capiophobia Education & Bridging Vital Communication


Anonymous Crime Reporting Inc. focuses on connecting the bridge between individuals who fear the police and law enforcement.  Capiophobia, also known as the fear of the police, can leave victims hopeless in fearful situations. Victims of police brutality, racial discrimination, discriminatory treatment, or any other offense are encouraged to report a crime below using our trusted anonymous crime reporting resources. Please download our educational poster to share with your church, school, or business organization. Learn more about our Capiophobia Awareness and Prevention Program or our Saved By The Kindness Bell Program, here.

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Report Crimes In Your School, Church, Workplace, Or Neighborhood Anonymously.

You can make a difference by reporting suspicious criminal activity to your local authority. Suppose you are afraid of the police or law enforcement and don’t want to report a crime directly to your local police authority. In that case, you can choose to report suspicious criminal activity safely by using any of our domestic or international privately owned anonymous crime reporting resources below. 


Reporting anonymous crimes often leads to a more honest report of the crime from people living with capiophobia because they are not interacting directly with law enforcement, the trigger of the phobia itself.

Last edited 11/27/2022.

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