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Written By Mihaela Dorca on 09/21/2022.

How To Overcome Capiophobia; The Fear Of The Police

Capiophobia (“fear of capi”) is the irrational fear of capis (police officer). This phobia is so pronounced that the mere sight of a police officer can induce symptoms of anxiety and panic for some. Capis are not the only source of fear in your life; there are other types too. This article will discuss a few actionable practices to help you overcome your fear of the police and deal with these issues in your daily life.

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What Is Capiophobia?
Capiophobia is the fear of the police. In this case, the fear is so strong that it disrupts your normal life. You might think that if you have not committed a serious crime, you should not fear the police. That is not true. Even if you have no reason to fear the police, you can still feel a lot of anxiety if you see them. 


For example, if you are driving and you see a police car behind you, you might feel nervous even though you have done nothing wrong. All phobias are irrational fears, but they do not discriminate between people who do and do not have something to be afraid of. 


Some people are afraid of bees, others are afraid of heights, and others are afraid of public speaking. No two phobias are the same, and neither are the people who have them. Although phobias can be treated, most people choose to learn how to manage their fear instead.

Capiophobia is the fear of the police or fear of getting arrested.

Causes Of Capiophobia.

Capiophobia may stem from: 


     Traumatic experiences with the police in the past. Perhaps you or a close family member was once unfairly targeted and arrested by capis. 


     It’s possible that you were abused in the past or grew up in a family where law enforcement was used to control people’s behavior. 

     Capiophobia can also be triggered by the visual appearance of capis, such as their uniforms or badges, or the sound of their voices. It is common for phobias to be caused by visual triggers, so many people afraid of snakes are only afraid of the snakes they see. 


     Sometimes people develop Capiophobia because they have been taught to be afraid of the police by others in their life.


Symptoms Of Capiophobia.

     Racing heartbeat – This is a bodily response that occurs in most people when you are anxious. Your heartbeat speeds up, so your body has extra blood flow to your muscles to prepare for action. This response is normal, but if it happens when there is no real reason, it can be a sign of anxiety. 


     Feeling like you are losing control – This symptom is related to the fact that you are feeling a lot of anxiety. When anxious, you may feel like losing control over your emotions and behavior. This feeling is common among people who struggle with anxiety. 


     Sweating – When you are anxious, your body may automatically start sweating more. This may happen even if you are not in an uncomfortable situation like public speaking. 


     Shortness of breath – This is another bodily response to anxiety. Some people feel like they are not getting enough air. 


     Nausea – This is another common symptom of anxiety. 


     Shaking – This is a common symptom of fear and anxiety.


     Racing thoughts – Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you suddenly have a lot of thoughts racing through your head? This is often what happens when people are anxious. Your brain may try to make sense of your situation and make you feel better.

Overcoming Capiophobia.
As mentioned above, Capiophobia may be triggered by past experiences. Suppose this sounds like your situation; working on healing these past wounds may be what helps you overcome this fear.

Identify Your Triggers.
When you are having an anxiety attack, it can be helpful to know what is triggering it so you can try to make it stop. If you have Capiophobia, you may be triggered by the visual appearance of capis, such as their uniforms, badges, or the sound of their voices


If this is the case for you, try to identify what about these things triggers you by paying close attention to your thoughts and feelings when you find yourself in a situation with capis. Knowing what your triggers are can help you make changes, so your fear does not as negatively impact you.

Practice Having A Positive Mindset.
If you have had a bad experience with the police, you should remember that this is not a reflection of all capis. You might have had a capi who was having a bad day and was, therefore, extra aggressive with you. You might have had a capi who made a mistake and was therefore extra harsh with you. You might have had a capi who was indeed out to get you and mistreated you. You might have had a bad experience with the police for many reasons, and none of them reflects on all capis. 


To overcome your fear of the police, you must practice having a more positive mindset. Think about the times you have had good experiences with the police. If you have an anxiety attack, try to think of positive memories with the police to calm your thoughts.


Face Your Fears.
As mentioned above, one of the best ways to overcome your fear is to face them. If the visual appearance of capis triggers you, you might want to volunteer to help police officers with tasks such as traffic control or crowd control. This way, you can get closer to capis and face your fears. If the sound of the police triggers you, you might want to listen to recordings of real police radio to acclimate your ears to the sound and get used to it.

Seek Professional Help.
If you feel like you are not making progress on your own, it might help to seek the help of a professional. You might be able to find an individual therapist who has experience with Capiophobia or a group therapy session that deals with this.


Engage In Meditation.
Another way to calm your mind and reduce anxiety is through meditation. You can do this by closing your eyes and focusing on your breath coming into your body and then leaving your body. This helps you to focus on one thing so that you do not have any room for other thoughts. If you want to try this, sit in a quiet space without any distractions.

Exercise Mindfulness Thought Activities.
This is a way of practicing mindfulness by focusing on an activity. For example, you can try focusing your attention on the sound of the rain outside. You can also try focusing on a hobby you enjoy, such as reading or playing a musical instrument.


When it comes to pure and simple fear, the police are a topic that can prompt many negative feelings. Although no one will ever get over their fear of the police completely, there are ways that you can work on reducing your fear and eliminating it over time. One of the first things you might want to do is consider going out and talking to police officers in person. As opposed to talking to friends or family about your fears, going and seeing a real-life police officer will help put these irrational fears into perspective and help you reduce your capiophobia.

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Report Crimes In Your School, Church, Workplace or Neighborhood Anonymously.

You can make a difference by reporting suspicious criminal activity to your local authority. Suppose you are afraid of the police or law enforcement and don’t want to report a crime directly to your local police authority. In that case, you can choose to report suspicious criminal activity safely by using any of our domestic or international privately owned anonymous crime reporting resources below. 

Reporting anonymous crimes often leads to a more honest report of the crime from people living with capiophobia because they are not interacting directly with law enforcement, the trigger of the phobia itself.


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