Should Police Change Their Uniform Color?

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Changing the uniform would help the capiophobe because the current police uniform triggers capiophobia symptoms in those who fear the police. Breaking up the current uniform color with a lighter-colored top is associated with producing “happy calming vibes” with people; this can assist in promoting a calming effect on the current capiophobia crisis.

How To Overcome Capiophobia; The Fear Of The Police

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Overcoming capiophobia: When it comes to pure and simple fear, the police are a topic that can prompt many negative feelings.

Although no one will ever get over their fear of the police completely, there are ways that you can work on reducing your fear and eliminating it over time.

One of the first things you might want to do is consider going out and talking to police officers in person.

As opposed to talking to friends or family about your fears, going and seeing a real-life police officer will help put these irrational fears into perspective and help you reduce your capiophobia.