Written By Mihaela Dorca on 09/25/2022.

Report Sex & Human Trafficking Anonymously In Any Part Of The World

What Is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is the action of harboring, recruiting, or transporting people using force or deception to exploit them for profit. The victims of human and sex trafficking include men, women, and children of all ages. In addition, these crimes are not specific to any race, causing sex and human trafficking to be a global problem.   

Organized Crime Gains Momentum As The Fear Of The Police Increases
Who Will Rescue Me?

Trafficking of humans happens in every region, including the United States. Reporting statistics from Polaris revealed the number of human trafficking reported in 2020.  The United States Department of Justice defines human trafficking as “a crime that involves exploiting a person for labor, services, or commercial sex.”

Victims Include Men, Women And Children Of All Ages
Human Trafficking Cartels Prey On Migrants, Refugees And The Poor

What Is Sex Trafficking?

Sex trafficking is a type of human trafficking where the traffickers exploit an individual to have commercial sex through force or deception. Commercial sex involving children under 18 years considers these individuals as victims of human trafficking, regardless of the use of force or not.  


People believe that victims of this violence are only women and girls, but men and boys also are exploited. Sex traffickers target vulnerable or poor individuals to use them for profit.

Crime Rates Escalate As The Fear Of The Police Spreads
Organized Crime Activity Grows Rapidly Amidst The Capiophobia Crisis

How To Spot Potential Human or Sex Trafficking In Your Neighborhood.

Exploiters of human trafficking are not people from a particular geographical zone, but they come from all races and ethnicity worldwide. Spotting potential human trafficking in your neighborhood by understanding the signs to watch out for is the first step to stopping it.

Human Trafficking Victims Can Report Offenders By Chatting Anonymously

Significant Ways To Spot Trafficking In A Victim Include:

  • Signs of physical or psychological harassment include acting as if they have received instruction to do some activities by force.


  • No contact with family members, restricted, or not given access to the money generated due to debt or other reasons.


  • Lack of self-esteem; untreated medical conditions.


  •  They do not have their legal documents.


Public Corruption Destroys Our Faith In Law Enforcement
Report Corrupt Policemen Involved In Human Trafficking

What If I Suspect A Police Officer, Law Enforcement Official Or Other High Official Person Is Involved In Human Or Sex Trafficking?

In a case whereby you suspect a police officer or law enforcer to be involved in human trafficking. You can report them safely by contacting the National Human Trafficking United States Hotline at:


   Call: 1-888-373-7888 

   Text: 233733

   Live chat: www.humantraffickinghotline.org/chat

You can report international human trafficking safely by visiting CSI World.


   Report international sex and human trafficking anonymously here


The US National Human Trafficking Hotline is a free hotline that is available every time of the day(24/7) to respond to human and sex trafficking cases from anywhere in the country. This hotline is not for law enforcement or police officers; it is a program operated by a non -governmental organization funded by the federal government.

Your Crime Report Can Save A Life
People Living With Capiophobia Can Report Crimes Anonymously

What If I Am an Illegal Immigrant In Another Country & Want To Report Sex Or Human Trafficking Without Being Identified By Police Because I Fear Potential Deportation?

Anyone anywhere in the world can report a crime anonymously. Our anonymous crime reporting program resources help individuals report human and sex trafficking without revealing their identity. In countries where police and law enforcement are highly corrupt, reporting crimes anonymously with private anonymous non-government-affiliated crime reporting programs will protect your identity and keep you safe in the US and internationally. You can submit a tip online to report a human or sex trafficking crime anonymously.  

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Report Human & Sex Trafficking Crimes In Your Neighborhood Anonymously.

Suppose you are afraid of the police or law enforcement and don’t want to report a crime directly to your local police authority. In that case, you can choose to report suspected human trafficking criminal activity safely by using any of our domestic or international privately owned anonymous crime reporting resources. 


Reporting anonymous crimes often leads to a more honest report of the crime from people living with capiophobia because they are not interacting directly with law enforcement, the trigger of the phobia itself. You can make a difference by reporting suspicious sex and human trafficking criminal activity to your local authority.




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