Can Law Enforcement Rebuild Civilian Trust?

Anonymous Crime Reporting: Victims of Police Brutality

The civilian-law enforcement relationship Is In a present state of crisis: The police are currently facing a new challenge after reducing crime rates, and complicated civilian relationships are now problematic issues throughout the United States. #Toroprotect #CWProtect

George Floyd’s Death Raises Animosity Towards Police Officers

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The fear of police spreads rapidly following George Floyd’s death. The loss of trust due to police brutality has brought about extreme fear and a lack of cooperation with law enforcement in America.

A working paper illustrates how the fear of police destroys civilian engagement and crime reporting changes with police; Comparing data across eight different cities and detecting a massive decline in the ratio of 911 call volume compared to the shootings immediately after George Floyd’s death.

The rate of 911 police-related calls was flat, while the shooting rate was high. This problem measures how civilians are affected by Floyd’s death, thereby decreasing their willingness to call the police.