Capiophobia Awareness And Prevention Program

Our programs aim to prevent hate speech, crimes, and school shootings by achieving a calmer and kinder student body culture in public schools. Find out how our “Capiophobia Awareness and Prevention Program” can reduce the spread of capiophobia (the fear of the police). Combining this program with our “Saved By The Kindness Bell Program” can reduce students’ anger, agitation, and hate- the precursor to bullying.

Community Focused Policing Programs Can Prevent And Reduce The Spread Of Capiophobia​

Community Focused Policing

How can community-focused policing programs reduce the spread of capiophobia?

The more police officers engage with the community, the better they can identify problems before problematic incidents occur.

Additionally, the increased engagement of police officers with the community can break down negative misconceptions of police officers, which may have been adopted by environmental or upbringing responses.

Should Police Change Their Uniform Color?

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Changing the uniform would help the capiophobe because the current police uniform triggers capiophobia symptoms in those who fear the police. Breaking up the current uniform color with a lighter-colored top is associated with producing “happy calming vibes” with people; this can assist in promoting a calming effect on the current capiophobia crisis.