Back To School Safety Check: Preventing Another School Shooting

No one wants to witness or hear about another school shooting or gruesome violence in a public school. The fact of the matter is the fear of the police places a big wedge between students and safety officers, which leaves public safety threats unreported. This, in turn, makes it nearly impossible for safety officers to do their job well without the willingness of students to communicate or share information.

Risk Management & HR Managers Can Address Corporate Safety Concerning The Fear of The Police With Our Free Programs

On occasion, we hear about horrible crimes committed in the workplace. Many of these incidents are brutal hate crimes spiraled by angry employees. With increasing incidents of angry students and employees scheming plots of gun violence in either work or school, tension is now higher than it used to be in the general public. Workplace environments aim to harbor safe environments for employees, as many employers seek to create a desirable and secure environment for their employees.

Church Leaders Can Help Their Community Address The Growing Fear Of The Police.​

A growing concern for the safety of our communities has stirred the hearts of church leaders everywhere. Good shepherds, church pastors, and church leaders should address the issue of their member’s safety as it relates to the rapid spread of capiophobia.

Capiophobia is the fear of the police, which creates cities with higher crime rates. The spike in city crime rates is relative to the resistance the capiophobe has in communicating with law enforcement when needed.

Capiophobia Awareness And Prevention Program

Our programs aim to prevent hate speech, crimes, and school shootings by achieving a calmer and kinder student body culture in public schools. Find out how our “Capiophobia Awareness and Prevention Program” can reduce the spread of capiophobia (the fear of the police). Combining this program with our “Saved By The Kindness Bell Program” can reduce students’ anger, agitation, and hate- the precursor to bullying.

Community Focused Policing Programs Can Prevent And Reduce The Spread Of Capiophobia​

Community Focused Policing

How can community-focused policing programs reduce the spread of capiophobia?

The more police officers engage with the community, the better they can identify problems before problematic incidents occur.

Additionally, the increased engagement of police officers with the community can break down negative misconceptions of police officers, which may have been adopted by environmental or upbringing responses.